Duplex House Plans

The largest selection of custom designed Duplex House Plans on the web. Duplex House Plans are two unit homes built as a single dwelling. And we have a wide variety of duplex house plan types, styles and sizes to choose from.

Browse our duplex house plans below or use the Quick Search tool on our home page to specify square footage, width and depth, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, levels and garage stalls. We have the duplex plan you are looking for including one, two, and three story duplex house plans. We also have plenty of small one bedroom duplex house plans to large luxurious 3 and 4 bedroom duplex house plans. Below are some of our specialized duplex house plan collections. Basement Duplex Plans, Corner Lot Duplex Plans, Narrow Lot Duplex House Plans, One Level Ranch Duplex Designs, Popular Duplex House Plan Designs, Stacked Duplex Plans, or browse our entire multifamily plan library see Multi Family House Plans.

Want to make changes to one of our floor plans call us for a free quote. We can enlarge a floor plan, modify a bathroom or kitchen, or change the architectural style of the house. And changing a plan is often quick and inexpensive especially when compared to having a custom house plan prepared.

For a free sample and to see the quality and detail put into our house plans see Free Sample Study Set or see Bid Set Sample.
Need help finding your Duplex plans see Duplex Guide blog.